About Us

Our Winning Strategy

To give you the best results, we are guided by sound business principles and automation-enhanced operations. Add these to our advanced integrated marketing tactics, we are able to build a working formula that launches the proper communications, tracks the performance, and follows through on milestones consistently.

Edge #1: Preaching the Business Fundamentals

One of the things we always tell our clients is that there are three ways through which they can increase revenue: 1) finding new customers, 2) making customers return more often, and 3) increasing their average invoice. Every single marketing initiative we put in place falls somewhere within one of these categories.

Contrary to what many agencies believe in, we believe that neither offer nor content is king. To formulate a winning strategy, we start by identifying our target audience. And then we build a plan around the 3 aforementioned categories.

Further breaking down the concept, we observe this 5-Step Customer Journey in the initiatives we do:

1- Classify the Best Audience

Whether it's one main or a few segments, we must narrow down the target audiences and create hyper-personalized content for them. Then once you identify who they are, it is important to use the appropriate online platforms where they can be reached.

2- Capture Leads from the Audience

Next, it is vital to collect the information of your target audiences by continuously and consistently getting their attention with credibility and providing them with higher-intent information about what you offer.

3- Convert Leads into Customers

At this stage, it is time to convert. Yes, they are technically a much smaller number than the audience you started with, however, the aim now is to convert them into sales, in other words: “make an offer they cannot refuse.”

4- Create Repeat Purchases

Congratulations, you've made some sales! But it does not stop there. Retargeting is crucial to forming a purchasing habit in those customers you have converted. Remember: your customers make the best leads. Never neglect them as you try to get new customers.

5- Cultivate Customer Loyalty

Taking repeat purchases to the next level, the most overlooked aspect of customer management is making them loyal to your brand. So much that they themselves bring you more leads consistently. The ultimate goal becomes nurturing good relationships that would turn customers into active promoters of your products or services.

Edge #2: Automation

Nowadays, merging tried-and-tested business principles with awesome tech is a necessity. Brands can have the most beautiful content but if they don't have the best machinery to push it, the effort is ultimately wasted. As such, we took this as a challenge and brought Social Media Advertising to the next level. This has enabled us to run ads 10x faster, with more laser focus, and at a much larger volume than any average agency.

We are the only Marketing Agency with the advanced tools that make quick Bulk Integration, Multi-Objective, Multi-Audience, and Multivariate Advertising Testing all possible. To illustrate:

Important: Multi-Testing is key to unlocking consistent, substantial findings and faster optimization, leading to better conversions, scalable strategies, and overall cheaper marketing for you!

The ugly truth is, only 10-20% of marketing agencies do some version of A/B testing (and not always), while the majority just lazily boost posts.

Edge #3: Retargeting on Steroids

There are marketing agencies that retarget potential buyers online, and there are a few exceptional ones that borderline stalk them. We are the latter, with good ethics, of course.

There's a famous adage, which claims that you miss 100% of the chances you don't take. We are proud to admit that we shoot our shot even if someone is just "semi-interested" and we strategically keep shooting from different directions until we increase our chances of conversion. Again, here's an illustration comparing what most agencies do, versus what we do:

Taking it a step further, Retargeting can only go as far as the interconnection of all the marketing efforts. We at FluxPro Digital make sure that we are able to follow the customer through all platforms that we use, at all stages, from start to finish and then back again.

Client Overview

To give you a bite-size sample of our work, below are a few ongoing campaigns and websites we have delivered to our clients.

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Lila Café

Cafeteria, Hookah Lounge, Buffet Restaurant

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Res Clinic

Health/Beauty, Doctor

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Restaurant, Café

Location: Metro Manila, Philippines




Non-Profit Environmental Organization, Dynamic Website

Eclair Moi

Cakes and Chocolates, E-Commerce Website



Software Company, Online Appointment System


Dong Hup Group

F&B Company, Corporate Website



Water Supplier, E-Commerce Website